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Saw God in Ethan

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Saw God in the Heart of Our House

Today is my wife’s birthday. She is the most amazing person I have ever known. She is the heart of our home. I see God in her every day.


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Heard God in You Belong to Me

Elle–Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Saw God at Rojo

My wife and I took two of our kids to dinner tonight at Rojo Mexican Bistro. This was our first visit to Rojo and I must say the experience was outstanding. The food was delicious. The portions were huge and the service was impeccable. I must say the wait staff did an amazing job —going above and beyond the normal service we have grown to expect at other restaurants.

I saw God in a great meal and the effort and enthusiasm of the people who delivered it. We will certainly be back.


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Saw God Laughing

Jake–Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Saw God in a Reluctant Hero


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Saw God in the Light


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Saw God While My Sons Were Camping

This past weekend two of my three sons were at a Boy Scout Camping Trip in the Woods.  My oldest son is 12 and has done this a couple times with the Troop in the past, but my younger son is 11 and it was his first time without his Dad or me.  He also is a Type I Diabetic who requires insulin before meals and regular testing of blood sugar.  The cell service is sketchy at best in this area.

On the second evening of their stay, I awoke at 3am to very strong winds.  We live in an area of NJ that was severely hit a couple years back with Hurricane Sandy and I know all too well how much damage some fallen branches or trees can do to a home – let alone a thin tent in the woods – so of course my worrying kicked into overdrive!  I worried about the weather, possible bears, my son’s blood sugar – you name it.

But then I recalled a sermon from a local Christian Church that I had listened to on-line just the day before.  The pastor was talking about fear and I actually wrote down a few of his words that really made sense to me.  He was talking about Jesus on the lake with his disciples during a bad storm, and how Jesus was sleeping in the boat.  He said “Perfect Love casts out fear.  If you know the love of God, you sleep in the boat with Jesus.”

So here I am in the middle of the night worried sick and I decide to get up and start reading Matthew 8:23-27…as I do – the winds calm down – so I continue reading.  After a while I decide I am getting tired, and jump over to celebrity type website before going to bed – at which point the winds picked up again!  Totally true story!!!  So I quickly went back to Matthew and continued reading as the winds quieted down once again.

I finished after a little while, and then went back to my boat (bed) to go back to sleep with Jesus!

The boys returned home safely the next morning and had an awesome time.

It was a nice reminder to Trust in the Lord.

Leslie -NJ

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Saw God in a Portrait


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Saw God in a Field


A farmer does this with his tractor. He uses GPS to get the letters readable. He has done this every fall for several years now. Here’s the view from the flight pattern into OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE,

Bellevue, NE , just south of Omaha .

This is what our servicemen see when landing at off AFB. Hat tip to the Bellevue farmer, Chris Shotton, who made it happen!



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