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Saw God in a Commitment

A few months ago, I was sitting in school after I finished all my homework and I was brainstorming some ideas about random things. Then, I thought about making a company called Grape. I talked with some friends after school and decided to make it a company that would help people in some way throughout […]

Saw God in Rebirth

Hundreds gathered at an auto plant in Detroit today to mark the grand opening of Detroit Manufacturing Systems, which will employ hundreds of workers making auto parts, starting with instrument panels for the Ford Mustang. The plant in the Gateway Industrial Center in Detroit has plans to create about 500 jobs over the next three […]

Saw God in a Potential Rebound

The National Association of Realtors reported Wednesday that its index of sales agreements for previously occupied homes rose 2.4% in June to a reading of 90.9. A reading of 100 is considered healthy by economists. The last time the index reached that level was in April 2010, the final month when buyers could qualify for […]

Saw God on a Sales Call

I saw God at work today. I was making sales calls with my new boss and decided to make an extra stop to say hello to an old client and friend. He worked in a different location than the person I was going to visit next. While I was saying hello, my friend let me know that the […]

Saw God at Jaws Jumbo Burgers

Tonight my wife and I took our kids to Jaws Jumbo Burgers for dinner. It is a small, casual restaurant in a strip mall that our kids have been asking to go to for some time. Our oldest son LOVES sharks so this was a real treat for him. The restaurant had shark paraphernalia everywhere […]

Saw God in a Stray Dog

One of my sales reps drove in to Michigan from New York this week to spend a couple days at the home office. When he arrived this morning, he was carrying a dog in a crate—keep in mind our business is not a kennel or veterinary clinic, rather a financial services group. He claimed that […]

Saw God in Grace Before Lunch

The other day, I met a man for lunch that I had only met briefly a couple of months ago.  We had serious business to talk about as our respective organizations were in the middle of a dispute.  Although we greeted each other cordially, I must admit that my stomach was in knots anticipating that […]

Saw God in a Job

This past April I heard you speak while attending mass at St. Isadore’s in Macomb Township.  Days previous to that my husband was let go from his firm.  I emailed saying that I saw God in my husband’s job loss because I knew that there was something better out there for him and our family.  […]

Saw God Despite No Job

Interestingly enough I saw God through an interview that didn’t produce a job. After finding out my husband’s job is being cut to 1/2 time I had a pretty serious, surrendering conversation w/God. The next day I got a call for an interview. I was sure it was God talking back. When I didn’t get […]

Saw God in a Friendly Face

Every morning, I walk from the parking garage the block or so to my office. Every day my mind is racing ahead to all the things on my “to do” list as I make this walk. Often I’m tired from a night up with my five month old. Sometimes I’m stressed as I contemplate a […]