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Saw God in 14 Miles

SAINT-QUENTIN-EN-YVELINES, France — Nearly a century ago, Robert Marchand was told by a coach that he should give up cycling because he would never achieve anything on a bike. He proved that prediction wrong again Wednesday. In a skin-tight yellow and violet jersey, the 105-year-old Frenchman set a world record in the 105-plus age category […]

Saw God in a Running Mate

Talk about going the distance. Thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign, Dion Leonard, an extreme marathon runner is adopting a stray pup he met while running a 155-mile race in the Gobi desert in China. The funds that were raised will help cover medical and quarantine expenses so that the dog can be transported from […]

Saw God in a Pack of Gum

  John & Annie Glenn – For half a century, the world has applauded John Glenn as a heart- stirring American hero. He lifted the nation’s spirits when, as one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, he was blasted alone into orbit around the Earth; the enduring affection for him is so powerful that even […]

Saw God in #42

Yesterday was Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball. It is a great day celebrating a great man. All major league players will wear the #42 in his honor. The #42 has been retired for all the teams. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, but he was so much more… He endured everything with class, […]

Saw God Skiing Down a Mountain

In 2011 my cousin Eric slipped and fell off of the back of his boat while it was still on its trailer. He landed on his head and broke 3 vertebrae in his neck and injured his spinal cord.  He was paralyzed from the chest down. Eric’s family and my family grew up together.  We […]

Saw God at a Wedding

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Saws God in a Dog’s Search

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Saw God in a Miracle

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Saw God at Half Court

(CNN)It’s like something from a sports movie: A teen in a basketball uniform makes an improbable shot, then gets hoisted on the shoulders of his teammates while the crowd cheers and chants his name. But Nicholas Bennett, a senior at North Hall High School in Gainesville, Georgia, didn’t hit a game-winning basket. His achievement last […]

Saw God in Seeing

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