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Saw God in a Visit

Rome — Michigan defensive lineman Salim Makki heard his name called by coach Jim Harbaugh at the end of a recent meeting and was stunned. Harbaugh, in advance of the Michigan football team’s trip to Rome, which will include participating in the general audience with Pope Francis on Wednesday at St. Peter’s Square at the […]

Saw God on the Mat

Mitchell McKee is your regular, average, ordinary All-American boy who enjoys participating in sports. He is particularly fond of wrestling and he does not allow this pursuit to get in the way of his studies. His grit and determination allow him to stand apart from the crowd but when his father received a cancer diagnosis, […]

Saw God in “Oh My Goodness!!!”

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Saw God at 96!

George Etzweiler, 96, of State College, Pennsylvania, is getting older, but he’s also getting better. On Saturday, he completed the Mount Washington Road Race in New Hampshire for the second year in a row and 11th time overall. He broke his own record for being the race’s oldest finisher, but he also ran faster with […]

Saw God Remembering

The donors had been thanked. The dinner had been served. The program was about to start, but not before the assembled ladies and gentlemen were asked to watch a 12-minute video. The man with the free-flowing hair and the salt-and-pepper mustache turned to face the screen, his elbow propped atop the back of his chair. […]

Saw God in the Arduous Joy of Racing

A valediction for “Running Times,” which so richly served performance-seeking runners of all levels and ages. By Roger Robinson THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2015, 10:06 AM Roger Robinson (right) finds fun in serious training, competition, and friendly rivalry at age 76. He is a reflection of the Running Times audience, he writes.PHOTOGRAPH BY K.V. SWITZER It’s magic—that […]

Saw God in the Streak

Alan Ruben, 58, has run every New York City Marathon since 1987, and for 25 years, from 1989 to 2014, he kept a sub-3:00 streak at the race alive. Until Sunday, his slowest NYC Marathon was the 3:01:57 he ran in 1988. That’s why some might have been surprised to see one of the most recognizable […]

Saw God in Prayers for Coach Mauk

When Glendale football coach Mike Mauk goes in for surgery Monday, he’ll take with him the prayers of his players, assistant coaches and even — as the last few weeks have shown — his opponents. Mauk received a word of prayer from a rival running back who had a huge hand in beating Glendale, and […]

Saw God at 100

SAN DIEGO — Don Pellmann had been at the San Diego Mesa College track for less than an hour Sunday morning and had already moved his lawn chair twice to remain in the shade, which was receding fast. By the time Pellmann set his fifth age-group world record, in the early afternoon, the temperature on […]

Saw God Going Strong at 90

Troy — He wears the scars with pride, the same way he wore that Red Wings sweater for most of his Hall of Fame career. Ted Lindsay played hockey with a reckless abandon, and when he wasn’t scoring goals skating alongside Gordie Howe and Sid Abel on the famed Production Line in Detroit, “Terrible Ted” […]