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Saw God in a ‘Sighting’

I saw God yesterday when I received the email with Susan from Michigan’s sighting “Saw God in a Bumper Sticker”. As a father of three, I was overwhelmed with sadness for her loss. I continued to think about her sighting throughout the day and my sadness slowly turned to wonder and ultimately inspiration. How could a […]

Update on See God Today

My Friends and Family,   It has been a little while since I have updated you on the progress of the See God Today initiative. To date we have posted a ‘sighting’ every day since the site’s inception over 200 days ago. Feedback from you and others has been insightful, constructive and hugely appreciated. Please […]

Saw God in a Tie

This afternoon I spoke about See God Today? to the congregation at St. Isidore Church in Macomb Township, MI. The talk was exceedingly well received. The people were amazingly gracious and Fr. Mike could not have been more welcoming.  As my family and I prepared to leave the house my 7 year-old son came downstairs wearing a dress […]

Message From Dan

I saw God today in an email I received from someone regarding the See God Today site. It is messages like this that will continue to drive this site forward. Here is the message: “Man I have to tell you the site really lifted my spirits today. I am not proud to admit this but […]

Saw God in a Fishbowl

My wife bought our three kids each their first goldfish today. They spent much of the day looking into the small tank adoring their fish–which they named Stanley, Lucky and Glitter. The conversation throughout the day was consistent and it went like this: Our three year old daughter: “Are they dead?” Our five year old boy: […]

Message from Dan…

Spoke about See God Today? with the congregation at St. Barnabus and Holy Innocents in Eastpointe, MI yesterday. GREAT PEOPLE and a fantastic leader in pastor Fr. Bob Schuster. Feedback was fantastic and ‘sightings’ have been pouring in from the attendees. Thank you to everyone at St. Barnabus and Holy Innocents! Dan Please email your God ’sightings’ to or mail […]

Message from Dan…

What an amazing and unexpected response from acquaintances and strangers alike!! The site has been up for less than two weeks and already over 5,000 people have checked it out. The ‘sightings’ continue to pour in and we can’t thank you enough for your participation. I am taking the message of See God Today?  to the streets–speaking this week at St. Barnabus […]

See God Today?

I have been riddled by anxiety and stress most of my life. I’d always claimed to be a Christian and I regularly attended church with my family. I even said prayers with my children each night. Despite that I knew I was really just going through the motions. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in […]