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Posts from ‘April, 2009’

Saw God Snuggling in My Arms

I saw God in a place where he is expected to be seen.  I was in church and was taking in everything around me.  The children talking, laughing and crying.  The music of the choir and the readings.  It has been a while since my wife and I have been at mass on a routine basis.  I […]

Saw God in I Can Only Imagine

I saw God in a video of Mercy Me playing ‘I Can Only Imagine’ at the Northwestern University book store (below). Dan Please email your God ’sightings’ to or mail them to See God Today? P.O Box 206 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303.

Saw God in a Chair

I have a friend that is 85 years old. She has been sick for some time. She recently moved into a nice, small trailer in Washington, Michigan. It has a nice porch on it. She has trouble breathiing and, since it was a beautiful day out, she wanted to sit outside but said she had no chair. It […]

Saw God in a Good Bye

My Mom passed away Sunday morning. She was on a respirator the last several days and my sisters and I were torn over what to do. My father wanted to wait on a miracle although our doctors assured us it was not going to happen. During a private moment, I spoke to my mom at her […]

Saw God in the Message of See God Today

I attended the 9:30 mass this morning at St. Isidore’s. This has been a trying week for my family as my husband lost his job on Tuesday.  Your inspirational words were just what I needed to hear, so that is why I saw God in YOU this morning.  After listening to you, I went back […]

Saw God in a Tie

This afternoon I spoke about See God Today? to the congregation at St. Isidore Church in Macomb Township, MI. The talk was exceedingly well received. The people were amazingly gracious and Fr. Mike could not have been more welcoming.  As my family and I prepared to leave the house my 7 year-old son came downstairs wearing a dress […]

Saw God in a Job

This week while traveling for work I found out that a person I respect and admire as much as nearly anyone in this world found a job that he not only deserves, but suits him perfectly for success.  It helped to remind me that no matter how difficult an environment may be our prayers will […]

Message From Dan

I saw God today in an email I received from someone regarding the See God Today site. It is messages like this that will continue to drive this site forward. Here is the message: “Man I have to tell you the site really lifted my spirits today. I am not proud to admit this but […]

Saw God in My Mother-in-Law

My husband and I have a large family and, for most of our marriage, our own business.  Many times there were financial challenges that were extremely difficult.  One of those times, when the credit cards had maxed out and we had no more liquidity, I was praying  for some direction to get us out of […]

Saw God in a Carton of Chocolate Milk

I saw God the other day while handing out food to the homeless.  My friends and I bought groceries and assembled some sack lunches.  We drove around downtown and handed the meals out from our car.  It was a cold, wet day and we came across a man that had found a spot to rest […]