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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Saw God Shorthanded

Two days after Christmas with a foot of snow on the ground, my 21 year old son took his Livonia Midget Hockey Team to Southgate, MI to play a first place team from Toledo, OH. His team had not won a game all season. All of the Toledo team (15 guys) showed up in a […]

Saw God in a Huge Step

A cousin of mine has a rare form of aggressive leukemia. He underwent a bone marrow transplant from his sister. He recently received the results of the DNA test that show the bone marrow transplant worked! The family is rejoicing, praising God and thanking Him for this huge step in the treatment of his cancer. […]

See God Seated Next to Me

I see God in each of the people seated at my AA Fellowship meetings. Caron–Livonia, MI Please email your God ’sightings’ to or mail them to See God Today? P.O Box 206 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303.

Saw God in an Angel Doctor

My husband left for work Aug 24,2007 and never came home. He was missing for 2 1/2 days and I got a call from Receiving Hospital asking for verification of a John Doe who had and aneuyism. It was he. As my brother-in-law and his wife were at my house comforting me when I got […]

Saw God in ‘Finding Idaho’

A couple of years ago my mom got my kids started collecting the 50 state commemorative quarters.  She even gave them a neat map that lets you place the quarters in their respective states once you find them.  For awhile now we have been looking for our last quarter, Idaho.  It has become a family […]

Saw God in ‘Little Wrinkles’

I saw God the other day when I was at home on an average Sunday with my husband and 5 month old son.  It is truly amazing how much you can laugh at a baby.  My husband and I were discussing some funny thing that our son had done and my husband was laughing so […]

Saw God in ‘Live Like You Were Dying’

I heard God today in the song ‘Live Like You Were Dying,’ by Tim McGraw (below). Amazing song and, once again, some much-needed perspective. Dan Please email your God ’sightings’ to or mail them to See God Today? P.O Box 206 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303.

Saw God in My Neighbor

My elderly neighbor recently called.  He needed help to buy flowers to commemorate the day, 78 years ago, that he asked his wife to marry him.  She has been gone for a couple of years now and he is so lonely without her.  I drove him to the florist and listened as he talked of […]

Saw God During Massage Therapy

The massage place I like to go to at the mall moved their location within the mall to directly across from the children’s playland.  I was aggravated and annoyed.  Why would they move what is supposed to be a “tranquil experience” to a location across from so much noise???  Oh well, I was there and wanted […]

Saw God on a Bike

I was out for a spring walk, just at dusk.  It was a beautiful evening and I had been walking and talking with God.  I do that a lot…seeking his strength and encouragement since my ten-year-old son died four years ago.  I cope better than I used to and have found joy again, but I […]