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Posts from ‘August, 2011’

Saw God in One Pair of Hands

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Saw God in the Village of 100

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Saw God on the First Day

Today my youngest child started Kindergarten.  She could not have been more excited.  Although I was happy for her, my heart was a bit heavy.  It marked a passage in my life.  It  was a blazing reminder how quickly the time goes.  Her teacher gave this note to all the parents   The First Day I gave you […]

Saw God on the Rock Wall

Today we attended a family fun day.  There were carnival games, huge slides, obstacle courses, a petting zoo and the favorite of all… the rock wall.  My older son immediately stated he would not be doing the rock wall (he does not like heights).  My younger son and his little sister immediately ran to get […]

Saw God in a Muffin & Ice Cream

A. Tennyson   “..sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.’    Today, in Greektown, an elderly man ordered a huge chocolate muffin and a container of strawberry ice cream.(Way over priced) He saw a young dad with two little ones waiting.  He spoke pleasantly to the young man about  ‘being beyond busy with little […]

Saw God in the Pace Setter

I went for a long run this morning before work. I normally run on a trail near my office and this morning was no different. On the inward half of my run, I was beginning to tire and lose interest when, all of the sudden, a huge bird landed on the running path about 30 […]

Saw God in the Lion Exhibit

Detroit Zoo unveils the expanded new digs for the Lion exhibit with a little more than twice the space doubling from 3500-square feet. The original moat has been filled in and replaced with a 17-foot-tall wall made of tempered glass panels. “Warming” rocks have been built near the glass, giving the Lions a toasty perch […]

Saw God in a Free Loaf of Bread

Tonight I was running errands with my kids.  We had just left a store when I noticed the bread store next door was still open.  I stopped in to grab a loaf of cinnamon bread for breakfast.  When I went to pay the man behind the counter said, “You are all set, have a good […]

Saw God After Practice

My wife had book club tonight so it was my job to pack up our two younger kids in the car to pick up our oldest son from his football practice. We brought a football with us to throw around on the sidelines while the team finished up. When the team finally finished, my son […]

Saw God in a ‘Dream’

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