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Posts from ‘February, 2012’

Saw God ‘Beneath My Wings’

Lori Please email your God sightings to

Saw God in a Joke

A burglar breaks into a house late one evening and starts to roam around the living room looking for valuables to steal. Suddenly he hears a voice say “Jesus is watching you”. Startled, he shines his flashlight over in the corner where the voice came from and saw a parrot sitting in a cage. The […]

Saw God in an Ad for Alberta

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Saw God in a Greeting Card

This afternoon I was doing my usual running around to get ready for the week.  Today I was getting more anxious than usual as the kids have been off school all week we are all off our routine.  As I rushed through the aisles of Target I remembered I needed to pick up a “Get […]

Saw God in an Invitation

A Stratford, N.J., teenager who’s fighting leukemia won a personal victory Friday, when pop star Taylor Swift accepted his request for a date. Kevin McGuire, 18, drew national attention with an online campaign to have Swift accompany him to the senior prom at Sterling Regional High School. The effort paid off shortly after 3 p.m., […]

Saw God in “Michigan Girl”

  I see God in our beautiful “Mitten State”  We really are in the palm of His Hands! Janet & John-MI

Saw God in ‘Tears’

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Saw God in Praise

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey Lori Please email your God sightings to

Saw God in a Sleepover

My kid are off school for the week.  While a lot of their friends have left town for vacation, we are home trying to find fun things to do.  One of the things my kids love to do is have “sleepovers” in each others’ rooms.  Usually it is my two boys sleeping in one of […]

Saw God in the Scouts

If you looked at any group of 100 Boy Scouts: 2 will become Eagle Scouts 17 will become future Scout volunteers 12 will have their first contact with a church 1 will enter the clergy 5 will earn their church award 18 will develop a hobby that will last through their adult life 8 will enter a […]