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Posts from ‘November, 2012’

Saw God in a Lion on the Top of a Mountain

One member of his team died and another lost his fingers and toes to frostbite as Jeffrey Gottfurcht attempted to climb Mt. Everest. Gottfurcht’s face was chapped and windburned, and he temporarily lost vision in his left eye. Every step hurt. No, it was more than that. Every step brought indescribable pain. In his knees. […]

Saw God in Picking Up a Car

My husband drives approximately 45 mileseach way to work every day.  On a good day with minimal traffic it can take 40-45 minutes.  On most days it takes much longer.  He leaves the house at the crack of dawn so he can go to the gym before work.  He rushes out of work three days a […]

Saw God in Abe

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Saw God Playing the Piano

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Saw God in Giving

Despite all the money recently pledged to support the victims of Superstorm Sandy, charities nationwide are not anticipating a significant drop-off in holiday donations. Contributions made in times of disasters do not have a major impact on holiday giving, according to the Center on Philanthropy at the University of Indiana and the leaders of several […]

Saw God in a Thankful Teen

THREE RIVERS, MI — The day before Thanksgiving, 17-year-old Chandler McBride had plenty to be thankful for as he and his family moved into their new home. The community rallied around the former Three Rivers High football player who broke his neck in a swimming accident and was left a quadriplegic. And Chandler is thankful for […]

Saw God in The Glove

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Saw God at the Thanskgiving Day Parade

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Saw God in a Thanksgiving Picture

Today my kids were home from school as part of their Thanksgiving vacation.  We actually had nothing planned so the kids had a great time just hanging out with each other.  My daughter talked her brothers into doing a craft project.  The three of them worked away at the kitchen table creating a masterpiece.  When […]

Saw God in a Heart

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