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Posts from ‘January, 2013’

Saw God in ‘The Sun’

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Saw God in Courage

My friend, Eileen, gave a little talk on Friday.  It was about five minutes long.  In the middle of it she looked up from her notes and said, “I don’t want to be here.  I don’t want to talk about this”.  Then she looked back down at her notes, found her place in her talk […]

Saw God in Stuffed Animals

My children’s school collected stuffed animals to donate to a local hospital for their emergency room.  The hospital gives stuffed animals to children who come into the ER as a way to offer them comfort.  This photo was taken at the hospital when the stuffed animals were delivered.  It sure put a smile on my […]

Saw God in Encouragement

Tonight we were picking up my son from a sports conditioning class.  We were early so we watched the last five minutes through the window while sitting in our car.  We could see that one of the boys on my son’s team was getting frustrated.  He is the smallest player, although he is quite a […]

Saw God Sitting with My Brothers

This afternoon we watched a movie.  My big brother made a big bowl of popcorn.  He sat in the middle and my other brother and I sat on either side of him.  We sat watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone and shared popcorn.  It was really nice. Elle-Bloomfield Hills, MI Please email your God […]

Saw God ‘Levitate’

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Saw God in a Basketball Game

With just two minutes left in the half, Coach Jeff Howell kicked his plan into action: He told Owen Groesser to hit the gym floor. Owen, an eighth-grader with Down syndrome at Van Hoosen Middle School in Rochester Hills, had been practicing with Howell for a couple of months. Now, Owen ran down the court, came […]

Saw God in ‘Failure’

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Saw God in Pals Praying

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Saw God in Three Stooges

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