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Posts from ‘June, 2016’

Saw God at Vacation Bible School

Two of my three kids are at Vacation Bible School this week. For my daughter, this is year number four at this special camp. For my son, it is his second. Each day at camp begins and ends with all 200+ campers gathering with more than 50 volunteers in the church gym. They talk about […]

Saw God in Goodbye to Mr. Hockey

Detroit — Gordie Howe was square-jawed, authentic and credible. There was not a splinter of pretense about him. The great Red Wings player was also humble and capable of enormous grace. He was, off the ice, what other men used to like to call “a true gentleman.” In his era, for men now of a […]

Saw God Slow Down

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Saw God Saved in the Mud

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Saw God in a 200 Year Old Chair

Dan, I was blessed to be assisting Mass in Ars, France last week and not only held St John Vianney’s own chalice and saw his incorruptible body, but also his confessional where he would often sit for 16 hours a day. What a sign of God’s mercy that He would provide the Church with so […]

Saw God in “The Greatest”

Nigel Collins ESPN Staff Writer Muhammad Ali told us he was “The Greatest” before he was Muhammad Ali, back when he was still Cassius Clay and few people took him seriously. That all changed, of course, but even after he had the world at his feet, nobody ever believed in Ali more than he believed […]

Saw God Peeking Above the Trees

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