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Posts from ‘July, 2016’

Saw God on the Walk

Ann Arbor – James Burns walked 600 miles over five weeks from Philadelphia to Michigan Stadium to honor the memory of a 5-year-old boy he never met. Burns, 49, was so moved by Chad Carr’s story after seeing an ESPN feature on Chad and his family that aired the morning of the Michigan-Ohio State game, […]

Saw God in Rosie

This is a wonderful story about an amazing little girl: Coming up Roses means everything is turning out okay. Even though Rosie is sometimes sad about her hair loss, she teaches us that everything is “Coming up Rosies.” We noticed the first handful of soft brown curls on Rosie’s pink-princess pillow on a sunny Saturday […]

Saw God Under the Umbrella

Dan Please email your God sightings to

Saw God in Mother Goose

On Monday, Givens was sitting in his patrol car in a parking lot when he was accosted by one very unexpected visitor who seemed dead set on getting his attention. “This goose came up and started pecking on the side of the car,” Givens told The Dodo. “I threw some food out for her, but […]

Saw God in a Pack of Gum

  John & Annie Glenn – For half a century, the world has applauded John Glenn as a heart- stirring American hero. He lifted the nation’s spirits when, as one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, he was blasted alone into orbit around the Earth; the enduring affection for him is so powerful that even […]

Saw God at 96!

George Etzweiler, 96, of State College, Pennsylvania, is getting older, but he’s also getting better. On Saturday, he completed the Mount Washington Road Race in New Hampshire for the second year in a row and 11th time overall. He broke his own record for being the race’s oldest finisher, but he also ran faster with […]